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I'm Ellen Lyman, Your Career Coach



It’s my mission to help you create a successful career while honoring your wants and needs.

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I’m Ellen Lyman

Have you become the team “go-to”?  You work REALLY hard, a lot of hours, and are thought of as indispensable.  Everyone says, “I don’t know what we would do without you?!” 

When someone asks you for help, on the outside, you say with a smile, “Oh sure, how can I help you?” but you are secretly resentful, dying on the inside and thinking, “Urgh – can’t you figure this out for yourself?!!” 

You feel trapped and stuck.

I help you get unstuck, learn to say no without guilt, plan what you want to do next in your career, and give you the momentum to do it.

It all starts with confidence.

    About me

    I’m an IT director at a large global company, a working mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, animal lover and career coach.

    I have worked in corproate IT for more than 25 years, delivered large projects, small projects, handled tough decisions, celebrated huge wins and felt the impact of project failure.

    My career took off while I had small children.  I was ambitious, a perfectionist, and an ultimate people pleaser.  I became the department go-to.

    It was a quick recipe for burnout.  I ended up with a strong desire to simply quit or do something completely different.

    I hired my own coach and together we explored what I really love to do  I learned how to claim my free time, set my schedule, and saying yes to what brings me joy.  It was the best thing I ever did.

    There have been side effects.

    I’m happier, my career is thriving, and I accomplish many more of the things I want to do.

    I want this for you too.


    Ellen did a lot of work on my cv (resume) to get it to look good.  When we were done, I loved the result and found myself thinking, “if they don’t hire me with this they’ll be crazy!” – M.M.

    I want to recognize and thank Ellen for the amazing event on Time Management. Ellen’s advice was empowering and has increased my productivity and joy over the past several weeks.

    “Ellen’s explanation for why we encounter decision paralysis and confusion was illuminating. Knowing why it happens means that I can move beyond it. And the concrete framework she shared tells me how to do exactly that.”

    Ellen has a keen insight which allowed her to help me see past the “noise” of frustration, anger, and confusion to figure out what my best path forward should be. – Ann

    I updated my resume using Ellen’s best practices and applied for a job on Monday night. I got an interview request Wednesday morning!  -S.G.