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Inspiration – it is hopeful, exciting, fun, and challenging.  It is successful athletes.  Leaders.  Communities. People coming together, who come out on top.  People who have gone their own way. Faith. Spirituality. Strength.  Perseverance. Danger. Music. Art. Truth. Honesty. Authenticity. Laughter. Love.  Play.  Joy. 


Inspirational stories are about people, places, and things outside of ourselves.  Bigger than ourselves. 

We often don’t look for inspiration within. 

What if you did look within?  What would you find?

Did you know that without you, inspiration does not exist for you. Period.  Inspiration is an emotion, and it’s caused by your thinking 

You have thoughts about absolutely everything.  If you pay attention and you are intentional you can create inspiration any time you want to.  You don’t need to rely on others. There is no need to wait for an event or a story.  You can turn anything at all into a thought that drives you forward and creates inspiration.

I’m here to show you how.

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