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I have amazing thoughts about the people, places and events in my life that I have experienced.

I want to list them here as a kind of “opening credits”. 

If you read my ‘Finding inspiration’ post, then you’ll see that I could not have been inspired by these people, places or events without my own thoughts about them.  In my “credits” I’m sharing these thoughts too. 

  • My teachers – Some of them cared about how well I did and wanted to help me succeed.  Some didn’t, and it was fun to prove them wrong!  #InspiresHardWork
  • Places I’ve lived – I have gotten to live in some very beautiful places. I am so lucky. #InspiresAppreciation
  • Churches I’ve attended – I was so welcomed and connected to the people at churches I’ve attended.  Some churches are not very welcoming. I’m glad mine were and are. I think more of them should be.  #InspiresKindness #InspiresInclusion
  • UCONN – I got to meet so many awesome people in college.  It was so much fun!  The UCONN basketball teams really demonstrate what can happen when  you feel inspired.  #InspiresLearning #InspiresFun #InspiresCompetition
  • My jobs – I have been very lucky for the opportunities I’ve been given, and to have been offered the training I have.  I’m glad that I’m able to learn from the mistakes I make rather than letting them define me.  #InspiresGrowth
  • My career coach Tamara Gardner – My career coach helped me find my BOLD and grab onto what I wanted.  #InspiresBoldness
  • My dearest friends – They taught me to be who I am and not apologize.   I often take myself too seriously. It sure is a good thing I have them around me so I remember to play!  #InspiresPlayfulness
  • Wheeler Clinic – I’m grateful that I was brave enough to reach out to them for help when I felt the symptoms of depression back when my kids were small.  #InspiresSelfCompassion
  • My Sensei’s at Varasconi School of Self Defense – Branch of Hamzy’s – They have shown me that confidence comes from within.  If I want to improve I have to practice.  It’s about mental toughness. I don’t always win but I can always learn. There is always someone who I can learn from and someone who can learn from me. Sometimes it’s the same person.  #InspiresRespect #InspiresStrengthPeaceUnityDangerCaution
  • My horse barn – Oakendale Farm – I learned that it’s important to know my limits and also challenge myself.  I must pay attention to the abilities and needs of those I am working with.  The more relaxed I am the better off everyone is. Small steps create great strength.  Also, sit tall. #InspiresPartnership
  • My dogs – They have lessons to teach too. Murphy, that fear can make someone nasty and everything is better with cheese. Hunter, that it’s important to work on confidence. Raven, to be joyful to my last day. Stella, to always make time to play.  #InspiresCare
  • My husband my kids and my whole family – The foundation of it all. I love them SOOO MUCH!  #InspiresLove #InspiresConnection

Thanks to you all for kick-starting the thoughts that create inspiration.  I love you all!