In the movie “Gone in 60 seconds”, the team was under great pressure.  Lives were at stake.  There was an impossible task with an impossible deadline.  When it was time to execute the plan, Nicholas Cage, the leader, was clearly concerned. He spent time talking to his trusted advisors. He did work on his thoughts and beliefs. He motivated himself to achieve the goal in a way that was true to who he wanted to be.

He chose his adjectives, did work on himself to believe them, found the ones that were most useful, and then offered them to his team:

“Keep it real.  Think slow.  We’ll get through this”.  

real, slow. 

IF his team hears him, and if they decide to think those thoughts too, they might feel the calm and commitment to the task the Nicholas is trying to create

I hope over the last two weeks you have done some work to simply notice, without self-judgment, your own adjectives and should’s

  If you did this work, and you did it with curiosity and without self-judgement, then you might have experienced a great calming in your thinking.  You will have started to consider whether your adjectives are useful to you or not.  You might have started to try to change them.  Simply noticing your thoughts with curiosity creates space in your mind. 

If you are a leader, and you want to inspire your team, then you have to clean up your own adjectives and ‘should’s first. 

If you are trying to inspire your team and you don’t believe what you are saying, they are going to know and the message will fall flat.  You must believe your own thoughts authentically. 

Working on these in yourself, and then applying your learning to use better words with your team can have a real impact.

Just know, adjectives can be contagious.  Good or bad.

“OK.  Let’s Ride.”

– Ellen

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