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I LOVE to WIN and I HATE when you LOSE.

Winning feels great.  It motivates you to want to win more.

But, sometimes we are afraid to compete and be amazingly successful.

The thought is, “If I am successful and win, it means that others have to lose”. We don’t want to be responsible for someone else’s loss.

But here is the best news.  Winning is not a zero-sum game. What if your success and winning increases how often others win?

(It does.)

We don’t want to compete because losing feels lousy. We are afraid of the loss.

When we lose, we can choose to quit but most use loss as motivation to learn, work harder, get better and go for the win next time.   Top athletes lose all the time. There is no one who has never lost. No one.

The result? Both winning AND losing result in better performance. When we compete, everyone gets better.

If you don’t compete because you don’t want someone else to feel bad, you are being selfish. You are not giving others a chance to find out what they are capable of.

If you don’t compete because you are afraid you will lose, you are letting fear drive.  When you let fear drive, you never find out what you are capable of.

I love to win, and I want you to win too.

Try to win! Compete! When you do, the community grows and there are more and more opportunities to win. Winning creates more winning.  Even for those who lose. Especially for those who lose.

I choose to compete because I want to see how it influences others to step up their game.

I celebrate all wins and losses: Mine and yours.

p.s. Those of you who know me may not see me as someone who has been all that competitive. I have been described as mild mannered. The truth is that I’ve let worry about how you’ll feel if I win, and how I’ll feel if I lose prevent me from really going for it. I’ve let fear of failure prevent me from putting myself out there sometimes. I am learning just like you. Lets do this together. Ready. Set. Go!

– Ellen

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