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Mental health and mental illness have a stigma but really it’s a health crisis just like a heart attack or choking.

The national suicide prevention line is a fantastic resource and I know people who have gotten help from it. Personally, I think it should be renamed to the “Things are awful and I have no idea what to do” line. More people might benefit if it had that name.

Today, what I want to share with you is a different resource that is not talked about as much. It involves learning a specific skill, and it’s for everyone; the mentally healthy and for those who are ill.  It will teach you what to do if someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis.

I think these days, it’s less likely that you’ll need CPR or the Heimlich, than you’ll need the skills to help someone in a mental health crisis – QPR.
(though CPR & the Heimlich are good to learn too)

The QPR institute (click here to get to the online training) offers a one hour course called gatekeeper training. They are not paying me to advertise this. I’m doing it because it’s important.

  • How to Question, Persuade and Refer someone who may be suicidal
  • How to get help for yourself or learn more about preventing suicide
  • The common causes of suicidal behavior
  • The warning signs of suicide
  • How to get help for someone in crisis”

It’s REALLY important right now that people have this knowledge. Over and over, we see in the news about increases in mental health crisis, even in our children.

The skills are effective. I was recently able to take steps to help a friend in crisis and I saw it work first hand. The friend is alive today because we knew what to do.

The truth is that often the person that needs help isn’t able to reach out for it on their own in their current state. What then? THAT is what QPR training addresses. It teaches you what to say to give support. It addresses what to watch for, how to ask about someone’s state of mind, and when to know that you need to take action on their behalf.

I highly recommend that you take this gatekeeper training (click here)! It will take you less than one hour and I believe it’s affordable. If you can’t afford it send me a private message and I’ll find a way to help.

This is important. I have seen it help. It saved a life. Do this.

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To be clear after writing this post about mental health, what I offer is not therapy. If you think you need therapy, reach out, and I will help to refer you.