Good morning on this beautiful Monday!  How’s work?

I’m willing to bet when someone asks you this, many of you respond with one of these answers.  “I don’t know” “It’s been busy”  “There’s a lot going on”.  “It’s crazy right now”  “I’ve been overwhelmed”


I’m sorry to hear you’ve been thinking this way.  That’s tough!  Because I’ll bet when you think these things you end up feeling discouraged.  Depleted.  Exhausted.  Right?  I thought so.

So, when you feel discouraged, depleted or exhausted what do you do?

Do you spend time talking about how crazy it is; How busy you are; How overwhelmed.  Do you scroll social media; gets snacks, get coffee?  I’m guessing sometimes you look at the to do list over and over, and you spin in “I don’t know where to start”.  You rush through what you are doing.  You frantically try to do many things at once (reading email, working on a PowerPoint, answering chats, while in a meeting).

Unfortunately these very common actions that come from being discouraged or overwhelmed end up keeping you in a place of overwhelm and confusion.   So simply the act of talking about how crazy things are will keep things crazy.  Talking about being busy feels busy.  Frantically trying to do many actions at once can feel like you are drowning in action. 

There is a simple technique that will help you a lot with this and will improve your week.  It involves a little self-awareness.  It takes practice.  You will want to be very kind to yourself while you work on it. 

This week I want to do three things when someone asks you “How’s work?”

  1. Catch yourself starting to say these “busy” “overwhelmed” “drowning” phrases.
  2. Thank you your brain for being itself and giving you these thoughts, and kindly remind yourself that it isn’t helpful.
  3. Try on saying “Things have been good”

This one simple shift will improve your mood, and open up the possibility of different actions that move you forward.

If you start with this one change, you’ll find it generates a cascade of new thinking. Someday when someone asks you “How’s work” you might find yourself responding with “It’s good, I really like working”.

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