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Hello my dears. What are you thinking about today? 

The coolest thing about humans is that we can think about what we are thinking about.
You are doing it right now. 

Why?  Because I asked you “What you are thinking about?”

Hundreds of toddlers:  Your thoughts

Imagine your brain is a room full of hundreds of toddlers all running around doing whatever they wanted.  They would be playing with each other.  Having fun.  Getting excited.  Looking adorable.  One would get grab a toy to play with, and the other toddlers would see the toy and want it too.  They would all think about wanting that toy.  They would argue over it and be unable to focus on anything else.  One would start crying and all the others would start crying too.  That’s your brain.  

A calm loving adult

Your brain also has an adult.  The adult comes into the room and removes the toy that’s causing trouble.  The toddlers all freak out and there’s a lot of crying.  Then the adult redirects the toddlers by singing a song and playing a game.  The toddlers get happy again.

Your brain is full of toddlers and adults

We think 60,000 thoughts a day, and most of them are automatic from our toddler brain. 

Then there’s the pre-frontal cortex, which is the adult.  It’s the part of your brain that can think about your thoughts, influence your learning, and create plans.  This part of your brain is able to shape, teach and grow your toddler brain.  

A managed brain has the ability to create an adorable group of toddlers who play, sing, share, nap when they are tired, eat when they need sustenance, and love and support each other.

An unmanaged brain can result in total mayhem.  Crying. fighting. temper tantrums.

Let your adult take control

The easiest way for your adult brain to take control is with good empowering questions.  Questions direct the toddlers.  They will get to work very quickly looking for the answer to the exact question that was asked. 

Consider the following examples. 

  • What’s wrong with me? (toddler identifies all the things that are wrong)
  • Why am I always so overwhelmed? (toddler thinks about all the overwhelming things)
  • Why am I so stupid sometimes? (toddler finds evidence of “stupidity”)

And then these.

  • What are three positive things people say about you? (toddler seeks positive evidence)
  • What is one thing you can you do right now? (toddler picks what you can do)
  • What did you learn? (toddler learns something)

Questions to ask yourself every day that direct your toddler thoughts.

So here are six good questions to ask yourself every day that will result in your toddlers being adorable sweet wonderful little thoughts that help you grow into who you want to be.

  • How can I get work done and have fun at the same time?
  • How can I adjust my schedule so that it honors me?
  • How can we make this more fun?
  • What is one thing that I am proud of?
  • What can I do to laugh a lot today?
  • What is perfect about this?

Tell me what your favorite questions are that help you.  

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