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It’s hard for me to believe this this is my 52nd post. That means I have published a post a week for a full year. I’ve shocked myself with how easy it was to stay consistent.

Happy anniversary to “Inspired Leader Monday Motivations.”

Why do I write?

I am inspired to lead you away from overworking and towards a joyful life. I write stories because they are an effective way to teach.

This weeks post is a look back at the last year. I have categorized my articles into specific coach-y topic areas. My articles contain stories and examples that demonstrate what a certified coach means when we talk about:

  • Thoughts – We think 60000 thoughts a day. They are intentional and unintentional
  • The power of questions – Your mind goes to work answering the exact question it is asked.
  • The story vs. the facts – When we tell a story it is full of thoughts and facts. The facts are far fewer than we think
  • Buffering – When we are trying to avoid an emotion, we buffer with things like procrastination, tv, snacks, drinks, task switching, email checking, complaining etc.
  • Past vs. future focus – We can plan our future based on what we already know how to do (limiting), or based on what we know we can learn to do (the sky is the limit).
  • Achieving outcomes – How to go about achieving a goal or outcome.
  • Holding space for yourself and others – Let go of judgement of self and others. Be curious. Pause.
  • Feelings – The value of emotions and what they do for us.
  • Boundaries – How to set respectful calm boundaries that honor you.

Below is a directory of articles from the last year, grouped by these coaching topic areas. Click each title to read the article. And then I want to hear from you! Which of these are your favorites? Are there other topics you want to hear about? Email me at and let me know.


Those Pesky Adjectives
The Word Should
The Great Calming
What do you believe about yourself?
I hated to be told to “think differently”!
Are you always thinking about what else you should be doing?

The power of questions

In Three minutes. Be that leader.
You’ve learned CPR & the Heimlich maneuver. Next, spend an hour and learn QPR.
Lets talk feedback: So someone told you there is spinach in your teeth.
A coach is not your friend, manager, colleague, mentor or family member, but they are 100% on your side.
When you aren’t getting any feedback

The story versus the facts

I live to be inspired. I love to inspire.
Finding inspiration
Definition of Inspired and Leader
Credit for my inspiration
Be careful the stories you tell about yourself.
story vs. fact


Are you overworking because of email?
Is it working, overworking, or overwhelming?
Overworking is reacting to an urge.

Past vs. future focus

Go ahead! Get your hopes up!
Let’s kick-start your Monday together
Birthdays, New Years, and Mondays
Leadership lessons from Horses
How much time do you lose talking about being busy?
Service and Sacrifice
past and future focus

Achieving outcomes

Holding space for yourself and others

Don’t Speak for Others
Let’s talk feedback: You’ve got to tell people when they have spinach in their teeth
hold space


Emotion at work
So. How do you feel about work?
Thoroughfare gap
Stop Being Frantic This Holiday
When something sucks


Don’t Be a Traffic Jam
Why people don’t do what you want. (it’s not laziness)
Are you Overworking?
We are bad at estimating and so we overwork

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