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You know the value of hard work. Everyone tells you working hard is what you want and need to do. They’re not wrong. I don’t always do it.

  • “Work hard to get what you want.”
  • “Work hard or you wont succeed.”
  • “Wow he is a really hard worker!”

How does working hard feel?

  • Your computer works hard: You think there is something wrong.
  • Your Car works hard: You wonder if it’s going to be reliable
  • A child works hard: Be honest with yourself, many of us step in to help a child working hard as if it is something that needs to be fixed.
  • You think about how hard you are working: Many of you feel depleted, overwhelmed and tired.

Instead, lets talk about “working well”? How do you feel when you work well?

  • Your computer works well – It’s fast – it does exactly what you tell it to.
  • Your car works well – It’s smooth, efficient and responsive
  • Your child works well – They are focused, happy and in their zone
  • You work well – For me, I feel energized and motivated when I’m working well.

Here’s the truth. People that get the most done and really love their lives at the same time, are working really well. Yes, they work hard but the secret is working well.

  • Working well? You have a task to complete, and you are 100% focused on that task. You do not allow interruptions and distractions to get in the way. You know the goal, and you focus on that. Your mind is thinking about the task you are doing. (constantly checking email? you’re not working well. Taking a break mid-work to get a snack? You’re not working well. Quickly checking facebook? You’re not working well. Stop interrupting yourself!
  • Working well? When you take the time to plan when you are going to do the work that needs to be done. You put it on your calendar, and do it at that time. (Maintaining a long to-do list of things that you’ll fit in “when you have time”? You’re not working well)
  • Working Well? When you are working hard and you look for ways to make that hard work easier. You spend time doing the thing, sure, but you also look for ways to make it easier to do the thing and you work on that too.
  • Working Well? You plan an hour to complete a task and you stay focused on it for the full hour. You make good progress and time is up. You give yourself a break. You get up and stretch. You let yourself laugh and enjoy a moment before moving on to the next thing.
  • Working Well? When you get completely stuck and you “don’t know” what to do next, then you take time to sit down and write the things that are getting in your way. You brainstorm all the things you “don’t know” and then you think of the one action that can get you past each one. You answer the question “what’s one thing I can do to move this forward?”. (Are you deciding to look at it later and move on to the next easier thing? You’re not working well.)
  • Working Well? You had a productive day. There are still things that need to be accomplished (always). You worked hard at working well all day. You stop. Get rest. Take time to eat well, play, get enough sleep, and fuel your body and mind so you are firing on all cylinders. (Deciding to keep grinding late into the evening and give up sleep to “get it done”? How does that go for you? You’re not working well)

Working well is hard!

  • We LOVE to get distracted
  • We don’t love to plan
  • We love to “set it aside for later when we’ll have more time/energy/information”
  • We don’t want to eat well, play, or go to bed on time
  • If we plan to do something at a certain time, when it comes to that time we don’t want to do it

I want you to work really hard on working really well.

The work gets easier and the results gets better. That is. If you do the hard work of learning to work well.

It’s a different kind of work and it will improve your life. Promise.

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