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In the United States, this is a week where many of us are reminded of gratitude. On Thursday we will celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. It is a holiday full of tradition and community. Many come together to share a meal and celebration.

In celebration, I want to spend a few minutes every day this week practicing gratitude.

Studies have shown that when you intentionally think about things you are grateful for, there are benefits to our mental health and well-being.

I invite you to do this with me.

  • Monday: Think about your childhood. List three people who had a positive impact on you. What did they do that was impactful, and is there any way you can honor them by doing the same for someone else?
  • Tuesday: Did you have any delicious healthy meals this week? If so, think about the people, places, and things that created your ability to eat. It is fun to brainstorm how many different hands have gone into putting food on our table. Can you contribute to putting food on someone else’s table who may not be so lucky?
  • Wednesday: Look around the room you are in. Pick three items around you that improve your life in some way. How did you come to have those things, and what blessings do they bring you? Do you see anything in the room that you do not need but might be helpful to someone else? Can you donate them or gift them?
  • Thursday: If you are gathering with family or friends, make a point to tell three people what you appreciate about them and why you are grateful they are in your life. If you are not gathering on Thursday, think about three people, and send them a note, call them, or send a text to tell them what you love about them.
  • Friday: If you are shopping for family and friends today, take an extra minute to consider what you love about the person you are shopping for. Could you write that on a card you will include with the gift? If you aren’t shopping, then do then write those cards anyway.
  • Saturday: Is there someone at work or school who helped you recently? See if you can identify three people who helped you achieve a goal. Send them a thank you note and copy their boss.
  • Sunday: How do you rest and rejuvenate? Spend a minute today thinking about what you love about the restful moments in your life. Look at your calendar for the coming week and decide when you will take the opportunity for rest and self-care.

As I write this post, I feel a sense of love and warmth for so many people in my life. I am thinking about ways to boost up those who do not have my privilege.


pay it forward.
Pass it on.
Share the love.
Practice Gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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