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I love a good solid routine and a well-thought-out plan for getting things done. 


This week throw all that away!  From December 25th through January 2nd I do as little planning as possible… Every year.

Yes, I do attend pre-planned family events during this time, but while I do, I don’t have any NEW expectations for myself.  I simply attend, help out and enjoy myself.

It is my time to wing it.  I don’t plan anything at all.  I wake up when my body tells me to. I go to sleep when I’m tired. I eat when I’m hungry (or when there is a yummy cookie looking at me).  I let myself get distracted by all the things happening around me.  I do a jigsaw puzzle.  I read for a while.  I switch from one book to another without finishing one first. I waste time on my phone.  I sit with my kids and watch them play a video game.  I fall asleep on the sofa cuddled up with the pets.  My meals consist of what I can find in the fridge that’s already cooked.  My only “rule” is to do what I want and be loving and kind to myself and everyone around me.

It is the ultimate period of free time for me.

It is my annual reset.

What usually happens is I’ll have a few very lazy days.  I will sleep a lot more than usual, spend the day in my pajamas, and eat leftover pie and cookies.

Then I experience a perk up a few days into the week I’ll usually start waking up earlier.   I begin to desire healthier foods.  I get up and get dressed.  I choose to go out and take walks.  I get excited about going to do things that are more active.  I clean up a pile of clutter that’s been nagging at me.  I sort through items and take things to donation centers.  I reach out to friends to make plans with them.  I take the dogs for walks, and spend time writing.  Things start to get done and I feel pretty good and relaxed.  The daily self-care routine begins to feel doable, easy, and enjoyable again.  I still don’t plan anything new.  I do whatever comes up at the moment.  Then I take another nap.

As the week goes on, and I’m doing random things, I tend to start to think about the bigger goals I have.   My mind wanders to the projects I want to complete in the next year.  What do I want to improve?  What’s working for me and what isn’t?  Are there people I want to connect with this year?  Trips I want to take?  What are my financial goals?  I usually can’t help myself and I pull out a notebook and write down a few things.  Then I watch a movie, play fetch with the dogs, and order a pizza.

By the time I get to New Year’s Eve, I’ve gotten the rest I needed. I’ve done a few of the tasks I had been putting off, and I usually have an outline of a strategic plan for myself to get the new year started.  When January 1st comes, I’m ready to start the weekly planning again. I have reminded myself what’s important to me, and what I find fun.  I’m able to pull out my calendar and create a schedule that works for me and not feel like it is a grind.

Today? It’s still a lazy pajama day.  It feels great, so I’m going to go and get myself some coffee now. 

Have a great week everyone.  Happy Holidays and happy new year.

I hope you enjoy your reset; do a brain reboot; clear your cache; empty your recycle bin; and defragment your hard drive; also known as… Your nap

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