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What do a Birthday, A New Years’ celebration, and a Monday have in common?  For me, they’ve all happened within the last seven days. For all of us, they are an opportunity to reflect on what we’ve accomplished and decide what we will accomplish next.  

I use this annual opportunity for self-reflection through an exercise I learned through “The Life Coach School” called the ten-year plan. I want you to try it with me. It’s simple, fun, and creates beautiful clarity for you as you think about plans for the coming year. 

On a blank piece of paper write 2012 (10 years ago) at the top, and then skip a line and write the next year. Keep going until you get to 2033 (10 years from now). Circle 2023 so you know that’s “today”

For each of the past years, write down the major things that happened for you that year. What did you accomplish? What do you remember most? What was most important to you? What are you proud of? How did you learn and grow?

Do this every year until you finish 2022, and then stop.

Reflect with me. Looking back did you think you would have done so many things in 10 years? What are the things you learned from? How much did you grow? Are there things you wanted to do that aren’t yet done? Breath in gratitude for your life during that time. No matter how big or small the event, there is beauty looking back at it.  

Over the last 10 years, I’ve raised children from ages 8 and 10 to ages 18 and 20. I’ve helped them be prepared for college. I have a beautiful home that has had a kitchen renovation and new wood floors installed. We have enjoyed wonderful vacations and spent precious time with family.  I have been horseback riding again which I had missed since my childhood. I celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary. We’ve adopted several animals which we’ve loved. At work 11 years ago I was promoted to manager and from there was asked to take on more responsibility and handle more challenges. I grew to a job at a new company that aligned well with the next steps I wanted to take in my career. Now I’m a certified coach through The Life Coach School and have started my own business coaching while I continue to work full-time. In just the last year, I have written 60+ blogs and have built a coaching business.

I hope you are able to reflect on the beauty of the last 10 years for you. Find as many beautiful experiences and memories as you can and write them down. Take your time with this so that you can capture as many stories as you can think of. You will have fun reading them next year.

Next, skip to the year 2032 and work your way backward. What will the older version of you have accomplished? What is she proud of? What stories will she tell? Describe her most precious memories. Write down her 2032 accomplishments. Then work backward one year at a time and write down what you will accomplish in that year to make you the person you will be in 2032. It’s okay to skip around from year to year if you want to. This is your opportunity to DREAM. 

At some point, you will get to 2023. That’s today my friends. What clarity do you have about what is important to you? How do you want to spend your time this year to become the person you are proud of and grateful to in 2033? Write these things down, and keep them in front of you to refer to this year. They are your most important goals and you can use them to create the life you want.

With this exercise, even with everything happening in the news, I find myself TRULY excited about 2023 and enthusiastic about the next 10 years. I have the motivation to do what I can to stay healthy and strong while working. leading. coaching. My kids will become adults and I will be there for them 100%. I will continue to create results at my full-time work, and I will also run my coaching business and help as many people as possible focus their time and energy on the things they love the most. I can’t wait to see what you all create in the next 10 years! 

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