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I’m sharing my most popular articles this week to continue my celebration of writing content for two years.

If you are new to my community, this is an easy way to find articles that can help you.

See below for the articles you liked best grouped by category.

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Why I coach“Imagine All The People, Living In” – Career – “Harmony” – John Lennon
Is Your Career Full Of Relentless Obligation?
Setting BoundariesDo you say, “They should” and call it a boundary?
ConnectionRespectful Communication and the Power of the Pause
Stand out from the back of the room. (Introvert power)
FeedbackGiving Feedback Doesn’t have to be hard
When you aren’t getting any feedback
CompassionMental Health Day – Touch the tent
Emotion at work
OverworkingIs it working, overworking, or overwhelming?
When you are overwhelmed
PerformanceWork Hard vs. Work Well
Moving Forward from Stuck