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Happy New Year 2024!

Don’t you LOVE a blank slate? I do. It’s one of my favorite things to feel. And yes, I think a blank slate is a feeling, not a physical thing.

  • New Year’s Day is the # 1 time that I feel a blank slate.
  • The second most common time is when I was starting a new school year.
  • The third is starting a new job.

I love the feeling of a fresh start. Truly. I’m currently misty-eyed thinking about it. Maybe that makes me weird. (or maybe I’m totally normal, and the only difference is I’m willing to put it in writing)

At the start of a new school year, I used to feel so excited and hopeful over the blank notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, and supplies. They weren’t dirty, bent, disorganized, and overstuffed yet. I knew where everything was. Nothing was broken or torn or lost. There was nothing quite like having a fresh, blank sheet of paper.

My hopeful planning brain moved into high gear as soon as I had my supplies. 🧠


I would daydream about all the things I wanted to do better than last year, and all the methods I would use to stay motivated and be successful. I would build routines in my head to help me accomplish my goals. It was very motivating and exciting to be in the planning phase of my blank slate. I believed hard that I would be able to do all the things I dreamt about.

I let my mind tell me all the things I wanted. I figured out ways I would be more organized, rush less, focus, or stay on top of my homework (more on my personal homework habits later. I might surprise you)


This week, I have a little homework for you. I want you to tap into The New Year blank slate feeling. DREAM and write down your goals and hopes for the new year. What do you want to create? What did you learn last year that you want to do differently this year? Do you believe hard that you will be able to do or change those things?

You will.

It’s 2024, and today, we all have a clean slate.

In 2024, the purpose of this newsletter will be to help you achieve your goals.

Maybe you noticed that I haven’t published a new blog since October 2023. I have been rethinking what I want this blog to be. Starting today, I’m getting back to it. Here’s what I will be doing.

Every month in 2024 will have a theme related to career success. Each week, I will bring you an idea that will help you progress on that month’s theme. I will give you ways to stay motivated and help you regroup when needed.

If you stick with me all year in 2024, you’ll get to hear how my goals pan out. I’ll talk about the challenges, how I’m getting through them, and how I’m learning, growing, and regrouping when necessary. If I’m lucky, I’ll hear from and learn from you!

January’s theme is Goal Setting, and I want you to dream hard.

Today, on New Year’s Day, I want you to dream hard. Write down the things you want to get done this year. Let yourself daydream and give yourself permission to feel confident that you will succeed.

Then stick with me, and I’ll help you achieve those dreams.

If you are willing, hit reply on this email and let me know your dreams.

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I promised above that I would tell you about my homework habits. I think this might surprise you, and I’m honestly rethinking sharing it, but a promise is a promise. If you feel you need to stop following me now, I understand. But before you unfollow or unsubscribe, know that this was long ago, and I have turned my habits around. There is always a way to improve.

This is a letter home from my high school. I was in 10th grade, and in case you have trouble reading it, it says, “Ellen has done no homework this marking period”. This is why it blows my mind (in a good way) every time someone compliments me for being organized and efficient.

High school report of unsatisfactory performance for Ellen.  "Assignments missing" is highlighted, and the teacher has written in the comments section, "Ellen has completed no homework this marking period".