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Hey there. Welcome to 2024 week 2.

Be honest. Has the clean slate feeling worn off yet? It usually starts to wind down pretty fast for me, but don’t worry. I’m going to help you keep the momentum going

As a reminder, in 2024, this newsletter will have a theme, and January is goal-setting.

Goal Setting

Last week, you let yourself daydream about what you wanted to achieve this year. If you missed that one, click here to read it.

I was excited to get replies sharing goals with me, and I love the themes that emerged.

  • Health
  • Relationships (with yourself or with other people)

My goals are similar. This is what I came up with for myself in 2024.

  • 1. To walk for exercise consistently.
  • 2. Spend more one-on-one fun time with my family
  • 3. Live an Anti-Hustle lifestyle
  • 4. Read daily

Next is “Why?”

In order to keep momentum and motivation to achieve the goal, the next step is to understand WHY it’s a goal in the first place.If you don’t have a clear why, it’s a lot harder to keep momentum.

So this week, look at your goals and ask, “Why is this important to me?”.

When you have that answer, then ask yourself why THAT is important.

And you are going to keep asking why until you feel like you have gotten to the bottom of the real reason behind your goal.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

This is a technique called “the five whys” and is a taught for problem solving in this book.

It is also really helpful to understand the real root of a goal.

Here is an example of how.

My Goal: Walk for exercise consistently.

Why do I want to walk for exercise? Because I know that my body is currently not healthy due being sedentary. I think walking is an easy way to get healthier and it’s something i think I can do.

Why is it important to get healthier? Because I don’t feel well during the day and I can’t keep up with fun activities like I used to.

Why do you want to feel well? Because life will be more fun.

Why do you want to have more fun? Because fun is fun! Duh!

Now I have the root of the goal. I want to walk daily because it will help me to have more fun.

For me, that’s motivating.

What about work goals?

Of course I have many work goals too. As I work through these exercises I will only be able to use my personal goals as examples, but you can apply these same tools to your work goals. I do, and it is just as helpful

For many of us, it can be harder to be personally motivated by your company goals. It helps motivation a lot when you know why a goal is a goal.

So apply the “why” question to a general work goal too.

Let’s assume there is a work goal to expand a specific software at a company. Ask yourself, “Why is this important to the success of my company?”. Will it increase sales? Decrease employee effort? Save time? Save money? Improve customer service? Create a better product?

If you don’t know why, then have a conversation with your manager about it. Ask them how the goal helps the company achieve its goals. How does it contribute to the bottom line, or efficiency? Is there something you’re measuring that will tell you whether the goal’s been achieved or not?

And once again, keep asking why until you feel like you really understand and you feel like you are connected to the goal.

Your homework

Your homework for this week is to ask the whys for as many goals as you have. Really dig deep to try to identify why it’s a goal.

Once again if you are willing, hit reply and let me know what you came up with I would love to her it. I also want to know if this exercise helped you keep motivated this week.

My goals as an example

Here are my why’s

  • 1. To walk for exercise consistently. Why? Because it will improve my health and I will have more fun in my life
  • 2. Spend more one-on-one fun time with my family? Why? Because I love them and spending time is important. Why is it important? My kids and husband are really joyful when we are connected one-on-one with fun, and that brings me joy myself. Why is joy important? Because LOVE. I want more one-on-one time because it will grow love.
  • 3. Live an Anti-Hustle lifestyle. Why is this important? Last year I felt rushed and frantic most days and I didn’t like how it felt Why? Because I wasn’t spending time on the things that I knew were important to me, instead I was letting the next urgent thing control my actions. Why is anti-hustle going to solve that? Anti-hustle means I will take intentional downtime to rest, recharge, and decide what is important to spend my time on. And, it means when I am doing something, I will be focused on that alone and not allow a feeling of being rushed or pulled by something else to creep in. Why is that important? When I am focused and intentional with my time, I feel calm and that feels good.
    So I want an anti-hustle lifestyle to feel good about how I am spending my life.
  • 4. Read daily. Why do I want to do this? Because I love to learn and reading books is a relaxing way to do that. Why do you love to learn? Because learning feels fulfilling to me. It feels like growth. Why? I just love it, and I also love to be able to share new knowledge with others. I just love to read.
    I want to read daily because I love to read

Be well this week!

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P.s. in the future we will talk about how how to measure results and accountability. Here is my own progress for my own accountability.

How often did I walk? – 6 out of the last 7 days

Did I have one on one fun with my family this week? Not as much as I wanted to. I spent a lot of time on my computer or my phone. Next, think of ways to reduce screen time and include a family game or outing.

Did I hustle or anti hustle? A little of both. There was a lot of multitasking and that felt like a hustle. I also didn’t make time for true rest. Plan rest into my schedule next week.

What am I reading? Stamped from the beginning by Ibram X. Kendi. This week I read from page 1 to page 177. Average of 25 pages a day (while walking on the treadmill)