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Last week we explored the simplicity of time, and your homework was to become more aware of how you are spending yours. 

The earth has rotated seven times since the last Monday Motivations newsletter.

Were you aware of the time passing? And did you spend some of that time eating, playing, and resting? You probably spent some of it sleeping. Maybe you spent some time daydreaming, and I’m sure you spent some of the time working.

The most important question is, did the way you spent your time match how you want to be spending it? Did you feel good about how you spent your time?

Time is passing right now, and you are spending it.

Spending time 🕓 is a bit like spending money💰, but unlike money, you can’t decide not to spend it. Time is also different than money because you don’t run out of it. No matter how much you’ve spent, you already have more, and you will continue to get more and immediately spend it, for as long as you’re alive. 

Time spends itself whether you actively choose what to do with it or not. Most of us don’t actively choose.

Are you letting someone else run the show?

As time passes, you get to decide how to spend it, but many of us let someone else run the show. Or even worse, we don’t pay attention to how we spend it, so we don’t spend enough time on the most important things to us.

For example: Do you put off going to sleep to spend time scrolling TikTok, watching Netflix, or reading? I do, and then my needs for sleep aren’t met. Have you decided to skip lunch to complete a work assignment for someone else? Do you stop doing something that’s important to you to respond to someone else’s request?

Spending time this way creates stress because you are doing one thing and thinking you should do something else.

When you are spending your time on something that meets a need, it creates fulfillment.

Spend time to fulfill your needs.

When you looked at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs last week, did you notice anything that needed your attention? Did you spend your time last week making sure those needs were fulfilled? It’s important to recognize that your needs will change moment by moment. Sometimes, you need to sleep or eat. Your health might become important if you suddenly have the flu. Or you may need to spend time fulfilling your need for employment if you recently experienced a layoff. The needs that need attention change regularly. 

When the way you spend your time matches the needs you currently have, then you will feel good about how you are spending your time. For example, when you are hungry, you will feel conflicted and stressed until you spend your time getting food and eating it. 

If you are exhausted due to lack of sleep, doing work for your boss will feel more stressful until you can sleep.

This week, be intentional and decide what you want to spend time on. Decide how much time you generally want to spend on things according to your human needs.

  • Sleeping, eating, water, shelter, clothing.
  • Healthcare and exercise, working, and taking care of your home.
  • What you do for fun and unstructured time.
  • Friends, family, intimacy and connection, 

And finally, re-read the goals you wrote down (see January) and decide how much time you want to spend on each goal daily. 

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Here is how my goals are going.

Walking: This week, I did not do very well with my walking /stationary bike goal. I met my goal once. I will spend a little time reflecting on why so that I can have a successful week this coming week.

One-on-One Fun: Did I have one-on-one fun with my family this week? Yes, but only on Saturday. I was out of town for work from Sunday through Friday.

Hustle or anti-hustle? This week, 5 of 7 days, did not feel frantic. The days were full due to being in a workshop for work, however, I was focused on one thing at a time, and it was productive. The day I came home, it felt a little like a hustle. Travel days usually do.

Reading? Reading an easy fiction mystery, “Invisible – Ivy Malone Mystery Series #1”). It’s not difficult, so I’m going faster. I’ve read 231 pages this week (out of 320). Most of the reading was done on a Sunday flight from CT to Florida.