Resume Course Information

 Resumes can cause a huge amount of anxiety and can become a barrier to you applying to your dream job.

If you:

  • Are brand new to the job market and have never created a resume.
  • Have a resume but you feel really anxious about what’s on it (or not on it).
  • Use all the buzz words but they don’t feel like they describe you or your skills very well.
  • Have been saying, “You’ll look for a new job as soon as you update your resume”, but you keep putting it off.
  • Want to shorten your long resume to make it more digestible, but you don’t know how to trim it down.
  • Don’t feel good about your resume and what it represents.

Then this course is for you.  After taking this course you will be able to produce a resume you are proud of that clearly tells people who you are, what you can do, and what you want to do next.

Are you ready to have a resume that gets results?

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